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Coleman A. Young Post 202 was chartered as an American Legion Post in November of 1999.  A dedicated group of World War 2 and Korean Veterans decided to form a Post for Detroit Veterans as well as join the Nation’s Largest Veteran’s Service Organization “The American Legion”.








The members in choosing a name wanted one that would signify strength, courage, determination and respect.  They also wanted to honor the memory of United States Veteran, they accomplished all this by naming our Post after Coleman Alexander Young.  Permission was obtained to used the name from Claude Young, the late great Mayor’s relative.









Coleman A. Young embodied everything our Post founders wanted to accomplish, service to our country, community, veterans and their families and our children and youth.   He had set an excellent example of what could be accomplished.  Through hard work, dedication and an un-yielding love for his city, Coleman Young became a legislator, the longest serving Mayor in Detroit history and at his peak in the late 1970’s, he was one of America’s most powerful politicians, serving in a top Democratic Party post and as an informal adviser to President Jimmy Carter.






The charter members of our Post chose wisely in choosing a name, because they knew that if they and the Post members lived up to the standards of our namesake, that our Post would be just as successful in being the service outlet for The American Legion in the City of Detroit, as he was during his distinguished career.





In 2001, Vietnam Veterans assumed the mantel from our World War 2 and Korean founders.  They continue to work with The American legion in fighting for Veterans and their families.  Being vocal advocates for future military retirees, better military housing, assisting veterans in finding jobs, insisting that our national legislators make mandatory funding for Veterans Health Care a law, offering free advice and guidance for veterans who need to deal with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and the myriad of obstacles and battles Veterans face while seeking benefits and medical care.






I think that World War 2 Veteran and Tuskegee Airman, Coleman Alexander Young would approve of what we are trying to accomplished and the principles for which Coleman A. Young Post 202 and The American Legion Stands For.








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