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11-07_military_Spouce.jpgThe Military Spouse Network provides milspouses around the world with a destination to share experiences, trade lessons learned, find neighborhood or school information when relocating, use military discounts, maintain connection with spouse clubs and other organizations and professionally network with peers. Most importantly, the Military Spouse Network offers an informal support system which endures over time and defies geographical confines.






Medal of Honor recipients have demonstrated their patriotism and love of freedom through their heroic efforts during armed conflict.  The sacrifices these people have made to protect the freedoms this country enjoys is worthy of the highest commendation. 

They have risked their lives to promote American ideals and jeopardized their dreams so that we could remain free.  These soldiers are people we can all look up to as symbols of honor and respect and love of country 

Enjoy your experience as you learn about each of these individuals and the awards they have received.  Their deeds are an inspiration to children



The Army National Guard has launched a new recruiting effort to attract prior-service Soldiers. Dubbed "Active First," the program targets new recruits who want to serve on active-duty but are willing to return to the Guard to finish out the remainder of their initial military service obligation. Officials hope to recruit as many as 2,000 Soldiers into the program this year, and recruits can earn bonuses as high as $40,000 plus another $20,000 when they transition into the National Guard.

To find complete information on current cash enlistment incentives (signing bonuses) and reenlistment bonuses offered by each of the Armed Forces, visit the

Military.com Bonus Center.


State of Michigan






Free Flights for WW2 Vets to Washington D.C.





Expanding Educational Opportunities

The Fund for Veterans’ Education was established to provide scholarships to veterans from all branches of the United States Armed Forces who served in Afghanistan or Iraq since September 11, 2001 and who are now enrolled in college or vocational-technical school.

We are committed to helping veterans close the gap between rising educational costs and GI benefits that have not kept pace.

We have a moral responsibility to provide educational opportunities to the young men and women who have selflessly served our country since the attacks of September 11, 2001.” - Jerome Kohlberg





Veterans Representation Pays Off



02-08_asbestosproducts.jpgVeteran Asbestos Information and Resources




Give an Hour' Seeks Volunteers

Week of March 17, 2008


Give an Hour was founded in September 2005 by Dr. Barbara V. Romberg, a psychologist in the Washington, D.C., area with the mission of developing national networks of volunteers capable of responding to both acute and chronic conditions that arise within our society.

The organization is currently targeting U.S. servicemembers and families who are affected by the current military conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Give an Hour asks mental health professionals nationwide to give an hour of their time each week to provide free mental health services to military personnel and their families. For more information, visit the Give an Hour website.



Operation Never Forgotten

Week of March 17, 2008A troop-support group in a small southern Michigan town is working to raise public awareness and appreciation for troops and their families. "Operation Never Forgotten" bridges the gap between our military and civilian worlds by creating nonpartisan national awareness advertising for our troops, veterans and their families. 


  The organization has rolled out more than 500 billboards across America on highways and in airports from Times Square to Los Angeles. The billboards display an unmistakable military theme with phrases encouraging viewers to remember and support the military and their families and the sacrifices they make. For more information, visit the Operation Never Forgotten website.    









The purpose of the National Patient Travel Center is ".....to ensure that no financially-needy patient is denied access to distant specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment for lack of a means of long-distance medical air transportation."



The American Veteran Program


Pentagon Channel website    






Magazine Subscriptions For Our Soldiers.Donate Now! http://www.subscriptionsforsoldiers.com/?afd_number=7322   



Volunteer At The VA

If you want to give your time and talents to support the care of America's veterans, or if you want to help, but don't have time, we have many ways you can help. Fill out our volunteer form and a local VAVS representative will contact you.


Volunteer or Donate!

6-08_Web_Site_Vet_Voice.jpg Iraqi & Afghanistan Vets.




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